Ancient Ruins, bustling bazaars, beautiful beaches, breathtaking scenery and much much more await you on this fabulous adventure through Turkey.

  • Antalya
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    Known as Attaleia in antique times, Antalya is one of the hottest spots of the Turkish Riviera.

    As an ancient Mediterranean port, Antalya hosted several civilizations through the history and contains the remnants of numerous architectural masterpieces including the antique theatre of Aspendos, antique city of Pergamum, and St Nicholas church. Thus, it is a must-have destination cultural tours.

    Antalya attracts European tourists thanks to its vaste opportunities to have a perfect sun & sand holiday. The city has a lovely climate all year long and attracts the nature-lovers with the beauty of its forests and falls as well as its clean coasts. Antalya hosts a wide range of holiday options including luxurious resorts, golf hotels, international holiday chains and presents an ideal place for sea sports and outdoor sports.

    In addition to holiday tourism Antalya also attracts MICE tourism thanks to the vaste availability of boarding amenities and congress halls. Thus, the place welcomes several local and international seminar organizations and business meetings throughout the year.

    Antalya International Airport receives direct and connected flights from various international airlines. Charter services are also available.

  • Bodrum
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    Bodrum is an Aegean town of unique beauty and charm; known as Halikarnassos in antique times and has been the original place of the famous Mausoleum – the tomb of Persian Satrap Mausolus that is of the seven wonders of the world.

    In Ottoman times Bodrum has been the exile place of outlaws. Than it became the hideaway of buhemians. The town appealed several local and international tourists during the years and experienced a rapid development. Currently it is one of the hottest holiday spots of Turkey, which hosts several luxury hotels.

    Bodrum offers numerous holiday options for simplistic nature-lovers as well as for luxury-lovers. It is a beloved destination of people that are interested in water sports and yachting.

    Bodrum is very easy to reach, since it has a local airport that receives several direct and connected flights from international airlines and it is only one hour away from İzmir.

  • İstanbul
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    Istanbul that constitutes a bridge between Asia and Europe is the culture and trade center of Turkey. The city, which has a vaste population of 15 million, gracefully combines the remnants of ancient cultures with the novel spirit of a metropolitan.

    Historically, İstanbul has been the junction point of several cultures and religions. The city is of the world's most attractive touristic centers. Since the unmatched cultural wealth has been preserved till the date, UNESCO included Istanbul in the "World Heritage" list.

    The city contains a unique collection of architectural products of the human history including the 1500 years old Hagia Sophia, which is one of the oldest and most important temples of Christianity next to the magnificent examples of the Islamic temples, as well as the spectacular Ottoman palaces and the wonderful underground channels.

    Istanbul is also a center of entertainment that simply doesn't sleep. The city has a colorful nightlife and welcomes the visitors with numerous restaurants that serve delicious recipes of local and global cousins.

    The European as well as the Asian sides of the city attract the visitors with numerous art galleries, museums, night clubs, restaurants, theaters, opera and concert halls as well as the shopping centers.

    Istanbul is one of the main hubs of air traffic with two airports in each sides of the city: Ataturk Airport on the European side and the Sabiha Gokcen Airport on the Asian side. Local and global airlines carry visitors from every corner of the world to Istanbul with numerous direct and connected flights and offer variety of options including the scheduled as well as the charter flights.

  • Ankara
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    Ankara, which is the Capital of the Turkish Republic since its establishment in 1923, is one the oldest and most active cities of Anatolia. First established by Frigians as a trade center, the city has been controlled by Persian, Arab, Seldjuki and Ottoman dynasties.

    As Turkey’s capital, Ankara has developed rapidly into a modern city that reflects the sophisticated urban culture, but the "spirit" of the historic parts are preserved.

    Ankara has an appeal for business organizations thanks to the availability of world-class congress centers as well as the subsidiaries of international hotel chains. The city is a popular spot for exhibitions as well as local and international seminars.

    Global airline companies provide several direct and connected flights to Ankara. Thus the city welcomes a large number of international guests throughout the year.

  • Cappadocia
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    Cappadocia is at the heart of Anatolia and occupies a vast land that covers Nevsehir, Nigde, Aksaray, Kırsehir and Kayseri. In 1985 UNESCO included Cappadocia in the World Heritage list.

    Cappadocia is a unique natural wonder that is created by the traces of volcanic actions of 3891 meters high Erciyes and 3200 meters high Hasan mountains.

    The inhabitants of Catalhoyuk, which was one of the first places of human civilization in Anatolia, have eye-witnessed those volcanic activities and pictured them in their artworks.

    Various civilizations including Frigians, Lydians, Meds and Persians shaped Cappadocia’s history and left valuable traces behind before vanishing from the scene.

    Cappadocia is an attractive touristic center thanks to its natural beauty and the unmatched cultural heritage.

    The tourism sector increased its investments in the region in the last decade. Thanks to the growing hosting capacity and the availability of additional activities - such as Jeep safari tours, tracking tours, hot air balloon flights, Jet boat and gondola tours in Red River – the volume of visitors is flourishing every year.

    Nevsehir and Kayseri Airports receive direct and connected flights from several international airlines.

  • İzmir
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    Known as Smyrna in antique times, Izmir has a rich historic background. First the Eolians (B.D. 9C) and the Ionians (B.D. 8 C) ruled the city. It has been the hometown of several philosophers and historians inlcuding Homeros.

    After the establishment of the republic, Izmir underwent a period of renovation. Currently it is the second trade port of Turkey after Istanbul and a major center For international conventions thanks to the availability of Culture Park, which is a vaste land to host fairs and trade shows.

    İzmir is a modern cosmopolitan center with its hotels, restaurants and shopping centers and is a preferred destination of international tourism agencies, since it is located a few hours away from several attractive holiday spots such as Bodrum, Kusadasi, Cesme, Marmaris and Didim.

    İzmir Adnan Menderes International Airport receives several direct and connected flights from niternational airlines throughout the whole year.